Bank to Bank

Today we opened our new business account at Starling Bank. This is one of the new breed of challenger banks... Continue reading →

Sydenham Info

Today we launched Sydenham Info a collective community project to provide a free and open information resource for Sydenham Continue reading →

Breaking the WordPress 8MB upload limit

The bit most tutorials on increasing upload size miss - and why you are stuck on 8MB or another number. The answer is one quick edit away [...]


Today marked the launch of Nominet’s new domain space without the middle bit. We celebrated by registering It is up and working and all went swimmingly well [...]

QwikSites makes its mark!

Aat 6.30pm I was annoyed to hear yet another plomp in. But it was the start of a good weekend. Confirmation from the Government Trademark office that QwikSites was now a registered trademark.

Heartbleed Sorted!

We're OK - it says here: The internet's biggest vulnerability in a decade was made public this week affecting web, mail and other servers around the world. An error in a widely used security library would enable an attacker to gain access to a small part of memory [...]