1-2-3 Reg Rip Off

The Register reports Nominet Domain Registra 1-2-3 has introduced a stealth charge on customers wishing to transfer out their uk domains (changing the IPS TAG). Anybody who succumbed to their promotional offers to register domains are now having them held hostage despite previously promising there would be no transfer out charge [...]

Domain Fatigue

This year I have been receiving a sledgeload of spam emails urging me to register the new TLDs. Todays lot includes the riveting: .directory .technology .contractors .construction .land .today .kitchen Will I be getting any? No. Does it change my attitude to holding domains? Yes. Result? Divestment. Impact - our clients are doing the same and damaging our business [...]

Wasted by WordPress 3.8

Blind panic this week when our upgrade from 3.7 to 3.8 left our clients unable to log in. A bit fundamental that. This was on our major domain multisite implementation. Which means we won't be the only ones to be hit. Google is supposed to be your friend but all relevant search terms produced nought. Panic increases. Luckily I can still login as the network admin but what was happening and what do we say to our clients? [...]

More than one way of skinning … a forum

Since version phpBB 3.0.3 very little has happened. It was ... SOCIAL MEDIA. No more, the rise of Twitter and Facebook has made forums a minority interest. Will it fade away as a medium for public discussion as did Usenet? Meanwhile amongst the other forum products the sale of the commercial VBulletin appears to have moved the market. What should a Forum Administrator do to keep a forum alive? [...]

Google Map Serfdom

According to my good friend and slavedriver TOGGL my largest slab of time last week was spent on upgrading Google Maps API version 2 to API version 3. This didn't come as a surprise as our dear friends from Mountain View had declared API 2 dead after November 19th. They did, in their strange way say that they would put an envelope around API version 2 so that most stuff would continue to work under version 3. We had our doubts but we shared Google's assurance and presented them with the choice [...]

In praise of … Toggl

"I work longer hours than you" ... is what so many of us think and occasionally brag. Running a business so often means we have no defined hours and work can so easily creep into evenings and weekends. Not to mention weekend evening and even nights! We can sometimes add those hours up but are they all really work? I was shocked a few weeks ago to look at my own productivity. It was dire. All the long extra hours was but poor compensation for that problem at my and my family's expense.

Sydenham and beyond

I added a Community page to this website today. I have lived in Sydenham since 1985 and worked here since 1993. In the early days we built some commercial community sites covering the wealthier areas of Surrey. We sold those off profitably in the good old boom days of the net [...[

Backup, Backup & Monitor

One way we try and differentiate ourselves from the competition is that we are here not only to create online services but, even more importantly, keep them running. Something with the inherent reliability of computers and networks that is often forgotten. Until disaster strikes! [...]

Welcome to QwikSites

Today we launched QwikSites (http://qwiksites.com). Just 20 years after launching Brainstorm we have moved from majoring on building bespoke websites to off the peg designs tailored to your needs using the world's favourite CMS [...]

Bye Bye XP, Hello GNU

You may be aware that April 2014 is the end of the road for Windows XP support. Whilst it will still work in May the publication of patches for other Microsoft Windows variants will likely be reverse engineered by hackers to exploit flaws in XP. In other words an unsafe operating system will become a lot unsafer. Particularly for organisations such as ours where our work and income is totally dependent on internet connected computers [...]