We found our old status page wasn’t giving accurate information due to Github limitations. We have switched to ‘Uptime-Kuma’ which is run on our own dedicated server. This has an easier and more resilient reporting system. We will be alerted by multiple methods within 60 seconds of any server not responding. It also has a public page here: https://status.brainsys.co.uk,

Here you will find the operational status of all our servers plus scheduled maintenance and any incidents. Please use this as a first port of call if your website or service appears not to be responding. You can also find any status updates on our Mastodon server here: https://social.brainsys.com/@admin.

Uptime-Kuma is an open source Server Monitor. The technically minded may find out more on their Github page: https://github.com/louislam/uptime-kuma

Status Page Update
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