One way we try and differentiate ourselves from the competition is that we are here not only to create online services but, even more importantly, keep them running. Something with the inherent reliability of computers and networks that is often forgotten.

Until disaster strikes!

I remember when the world’s most advanced operating system had a meantime between failure of just 15 minutes. You had to load the system, get something done and back it up during that time to have a hope of making progress when the system came back up.

These days minutes are more like months or more. However, its a good habit to always expect imminent failure. Reliability can breed complacency and, even worse, complete dependence. Your website suddenly disappearing is a nuisance. Having no incoming email is usually more serious. Your contact with you customers blown.

That’s why here at Brainstorm we replicate our data, your websites and email services on our own servers at three geographical separate data centres. Each able to serve if another is disrupted.

And we want to be the first to know when there is disruption. We have three 24/7 monitoring systems. One run by us and two by external organisations. We have today put one of these online so you can see how we are doing:

Check back there if you have problems reaching any of our servers. Or if you can’t get there bookmark an external link to the same data:

Backup, Backup & Monitor
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